Marvel + Moon

Poetically Inspired. Herbal + Obsidian. Magickal Soy Candles.


Hello, my name is Trista.

I can't sit still. My mind and my feet wander. I explore. I question. I love. I write. I marvel. I moon. 

Born in Ohio, I moved to Georgia at age 12 where I learned to say ya'll with a bit of twang, traipse barefoot in the red clay, and sweat out the humid Southern evenings to a chorus cicadas. 

In 2012, at the age of 27 I packed up and hightailed it to Texas (having never set foot in the state!) with my pup, Buster, and settled in to work on my Ph.D. in Poetry.

I've always been an avid traveller ranging from the far and wide of international treks to the impromptu day trip. Traveling fuels my writing, my poems, and the images I want to capture.

Beauty comes in many forms and I find it both traditional and unusual places. I find inspiration in poetry, mermaids, dogs, travel, pop culture, campfires, the occult, mountains, ghosts, baths, vinyl, history, and amazing women.

I created this blog to capture and showcase my reflections of the world around me, particularly that which haunts. Places, people, books, events, poems, anything that follows me and won't leave my mind. Things that nest, take hold, and occupy my entire being. Things I obsess over. Things that feed my identity. 

Please, indulge.

Marvel with me. Moon with me. 


Marvel, v.-

To be filled with wonder or astonishment ;to be struck with surprise.

Moon, v.-

To daydream, to indulge in sentimental reverie; to gaze adoringly; to behave as if besotted.