Marvel + Moon

Goddess Inspired. Herbal + Obsidian. Magickal Soy Candles.

Pre-orders are happening!

trista edwards

My dearest Moonbeams!


I can't believe this is finally happening and I get to start sending my love and magic out into the world for you to enjoy! There is so much good healing to come your way and beautiful candles to fill your lovely homes that will set just the right ambience, aroma, and charge your scared spaces with positive energy! 

Each candle is inspired by a goddess and is adorned with organic herbs associated with her magical properties. Also, each candle is topped with a snowflake obsidian stone charged with the power of the recent solar eclipse. 

Once the candle melts ALL the way down, you can pluck out this little gem from the bottom of the glass tumbler and add it to your crystal collection! 

Pre-orders are running now until October 1st with a set launch date of October FRIDAY THE 13TH!!! Mwahahahaha! (We love a little friendly wickedness here are Marvel + Moon.)

Pre-orders will close October 1st 2017 at noon CST. (We're in Texas, y'all.) 

You get a 15% discount on all pre-ordered candle with the code MAGIC15

We can't wait to send you some magic!