Marvel + Moon

Poetically Inspired. Herbal + Obsidian. Magickal Soy Candles.



How short should I keep my wick trimmed and why?

Keep wick trimmed to 1/4 of an inch. We suggest trimming the wick after every four hours of burn time. Trimming the wick will aid in extending the life of your candle in addition to preventing the candle from smoking. 

How long do Marvel + Moon candles burn?

Marvel + Moon candles burn for approximately 50-55 hours with proper wick care.

How to I prevent my candle from "tunneling"? 

To prevent tunneling, we suggest letting the candle burn long enough in which the entire circumference of the surface exhibits a small layer of liquid wax. For Marvel + Moon candles, we suggest you burn your candle at least three hours before extinguishing. 

What does phthalate free mean?

All our fragrance oils are phthalate free. Phthalates are are chemical plasticizers that are used to dissolve raw materials when making certain products, such as fragrance oils. We are committed to making clean burning, non-harmful products and only source FOs that are certified phthalate free. 

Are all your herbs certified organic?

Yes, all our topical herb adornments on every candle are certified organic. 

Why do you use soy wax instead of paraffin? 

All our candles are made with 100% domestically grown soy that is derived from natural vegetables and is 100% biodegradable. Paraffin is refined gasoline by-product and non- biodegradable. In addition to being safer for humans and the environment, soy wax also typically burns longer and holds fragrance better than paraffin. 

Where else are Marvel + Moon candles sold?

Currently, we only sell online and craft showcases but we hope to have stockists soon!