Marvel + Moon

Poetically Inspired. Herbal + Obsidian. Magickal Soy Candles.


MARVEL + MOON in the Media


From Aromatica Poetica—The Making & Poetry of Candle Making: An Interview with Trista Edwards of MARVEL + MOON

“The ideas for different candles really come from extensive background in poetry and literature and my practices in witchcraft. The main GODDESS line that stays consistent throughout the year is representative of the Triple Goddess and features the maiden (ARTEMIS), mother (SELENE), and crone (HECATE). I choose the herbs, stones, and fragrances based on the story of the goddess and adornments that may be representative or sacred to her.”

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From Tepid Autumn—Interview with Trista Edwards, MARVEL + MOON Founder, Cancerian, Natural Witch & Poet

Marvel + Moon actually started as a blog. A sort of loose travel blog/online diary to wax nostalgic and a place to showcase my travel photos. The name, Marvel + Moon, was inspired by my constant seeking of magic and wanderlust in travels, life, art, and creativity. I really use 'Moon' as a verb here—as in to spend too much time thinking or looking at someone or something you admire or want very much. Also, I’m a Cancer sign and my ruling planet is the moon. I’ve very moon orientated and emotional. Very Cancer. Marvel, of course, is to be filled with wonder and astonishment. These two verbs seemed to fit who I am and what I desire—I marvel and I moon after so many things in life.”

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From Luna Luna Magazine—2 Women-Run Shops Serving Your Autumnal Needs

“Luna Luna's very own Trista Edwards (who is a wonderful writer and poet—read this poem) created Marvel + Moon and serves up some of the VERY best candles you can imagine. Perfect for the chilly days of Autumn, Trista's candles are sustainably and locally made.  Each of the gorgeous candles—named after goddesses like Selene and Hecate (I'm a Hecate girl myself)—are filled with good ingredients and are phthalate-free (Trista offers tons of generous info on each candle, too, so you can really connect with each!). Oh, and they're made with obsidian charged by the solar-eclipse. These will become not only your ritual candles but your burn-for-bliss relaxation candles.”

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