Marvel + Moon

Poetically Inspired. Herbal + Obsidian. Magickal Soy Candles.

MARVEL + MOON is a dreamy online candle shop.

Founded in October 2017 in Denton, Texas by Cancerian and poet
Trista Marie Edwards.

Driven by her lifelong impulse to collect nature’s little beauties—a feather from a Victorian-era cemetery, a little darkened soil from W.B. Yeats’s grave, a sprig of mint from a bush outside the Salem Witch House, a dried rose from a dear friend’s wedding, an acorn from her ancestral land, cinnamon–laced candle wax from a sacred feminine ritual—Trista wanted to transpose this joy of collecting tiny elemental memory markers to her love of the flame.

Inspired by her background in English literature and poetry, (haven written her dissertation on witchcraft, folklore, the power of spectral evidence, and sympathetic magic in contemporary poetry) Trista started with her inaugural GODDESS line of candles as a way to infuse story and the ancient feminine archetype into a beautifully aesthetic entity. 

Scholar Robert Graves said that all “true poetry” is inspired by the Triple Goddess and so MARVEL + MOON believes that each candle you find here is an extension of the written word and each herb, scent, and stone a symbolic extension of that goddess by proxy.

Every candle is adorned with a small variety of herbs that vary from candle to candle and a gemstone that you can retrieve and keep once the candle burns to completion. Each gemstone is charged with the energies of the monthly full moon. Each MARVEL + MOON candle will never leave you empty handed—you will always have a small treasure to add to your personal gemstone collection or altar to marvel over again and again.

All candles are hand poured in small batches and always 100% soy made with organic herbs, ethically sourced stones, cotton wicks, and phthalate free fragrance oils.